Mission & Values

Enite will be the leading advisor for operational excellence and strategy. We partner with our clients to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses in a positive and meaningful way. To consistently achieve those results we will attract and develop the best advisors.

client first

Clients need to know that projects will finish on time, and Enite has a proven track record of delivering results on time and under budget. Enite’s desire is to help define and solve the task at hand, completing the project thoroughly and delivering desired results. We adhere to the belief that often times “less is more,” and view our teams as strategic partners to our clients to meet a gap in an efficient and timely manner.

deliver the best

Enite will deliver by providing experienced and top-tier dedicated individuals. We recruit only experienced professionals and invest heavily to make them the most knowledgeable resource you can find.


Though we are privileged to serve many clients in the energy space, we will not share client information. Each engagement is exclusive requiring the best of our experiences and tools we develop as a firm.


Enite believes in transparency and being forthright-even at the risk of jeopardizing our fees. We always act in our client’s best interest.

enite talent

Enite believes in developing our advisors within the firm, our industry and within the community at large. Developing leadership is a key differentiator in our practice. In today's knowledge-based business environment, intangible assets such as experience, perspective, skills, reputations, and relationships generate the highest value for our clients. We accomplish our goals by hiring the most talented people and enabling them to help our clients create the best opportunities. Whatever the level of personnel required for your project, we assign those who will partner with you to get the best results. Our people earn our clients’ trust daily.


Consultants are a critical team member of any Enite engagement. They work closely with clients and Enite managers to help them better understand issues, risk mitigation, and provide detail analysis for leadership. Enite Consultants participate in project teams while developing skills by gathering data, rectifying document issues and using proven methodology to analyze issues. They communicate results orally and in writing to team members and clients. Already having five+ years of relevant work experience and an MBA, their work is more complex and its scope broader than that of a recent graduate. Consultants may remain in their role for two to three years before becoming a Manager.


Managers are a core component of the entire organization. They work closely with clients to help them better understand competitive issues, develop strategies for issue resolution, and lead the result efforts.

Enite managers participate in project teams while developing expertise in quantitative analysis, interviewing skills, communicating strategic solutions and leadership. Their work is often more complex and its scope broader. Managers typically move into the Director position after two to three years, having demonstrated that they have mastered consulting skills and shown leadership potential.


Directors have demonstrated their ability to provide strong leadership within a practice area. They actively develop that practice and related offerings, and are responsible for account planning at assigned clients. Directors are expected to provide intellectual leadership within and support a practice area, develop offerings, manage client relationships and are accountable for people development programs.

associate principal

Associate principals may well be the most varied and impactful role on any engagement. An associate principal is an individual that has a balance of consultant and project manager. They are expected to manage industry-specific thought leadership, by developing and delivering white papers and managing multiple client engagements. APs are expected to manage both the big picture and the details of the engagement, provide intellectual leadership for their teams, create work plans to ensure that projects are on time and within budget, communicate the status of a project to senior management and work closely with clients and manage client expectations.


Associate principals who are elected to principal have demonstrated their superior ability to deliver significant impact for clients. They possess distinctive knowledge and can use it to serve high-performing industry leaders. They inspire their colleagues and team members to achieve great things and actively mentor the next generation of firm leaders. They live our values and ensure our firm continuously fulfills its mission statement. People with substantial prior professional experience may be elected much sooner. There is no limit to the size of our partnership.


let enite help quantify your business issues, develop solutions and execute those solutions for your immediate and long term needs.