Enite Holdings (EH) is a team of passionate consultants, investment professionals, and sustainability leaders on a mission to invest in middle market private companies and help them grow.

EH takes a consulting-based approach to private equity investing, partnering with existing management teams to build great companies and improve their operations. We provide a full-scale portfolio group staffed with operating and strategy professionals who work closely with management teams to clearly define and execute growth plans. We recapitalize, restructure, and ultimately build meaningful, sustainable businesses over the long term.

At the core of our investment approach is the belief that the best way to consistently produce high-performing and lasting companies is to work together with management teams to create and execute on a holistic multi-year path and build the best possible company. Great companies lead their industries, grow market share, retain loyal customers, recruit and retain the best talent and deliver outstanding operational results, which together position them for long-term success.

A investment partner should help create value, and owners should be able to sell without selling out. Success is about more than money, and investment is about more than capital. It is built on meaningful relationships, inspired by vision, and best when enjoyed as a journey between likeminded leaders. How a company behaves can create more enduring value than what it produces or provides alone.

We assemble the partners, resources, tools, and frameworks to help management achieve their vision and continue building their business.

We invest in growing private companies that are achieving annual EBITDA of $5 to $10 million, and where there is an opportunity for accelerated growth through a partnership with Enite Holdings. We provide liquidity to current owners and/or expansion capital to support future growth. Our capital is invested from family funding and we primarily invest in companies that are family- or entrepreneur-owned.

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