Our Services

We partner with client’s management to define, plan and implement tactical solutions while creating long-term solutions with lasting financial impact. Our team’s depth and breadth of experience allow us to focus on specific issues with the end-to-end operations in mind. Our approach is to understand and define the issue at hand, recommend solutions and execute, using our experience and capabilities across People, Processes and Technology.


People, Process & Technology

Market Analysis and Segmentation
  • Enite works with clients to build the most effective customer segmentation capabilities—those that allow companies to allocate scarce resources where they’ll deliver the highest payoff. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled consultants provide expertise across segments, geographies and industries.
New Business Considerations
  • Enite assists our clients considering entering a new business with both strategic and operations considerations following a review of their existing people, process and technology.
Strategic Due Diligence
  • Enite offers a suite of strategic due diligence support services to help clients thoroughly evaluate opportunities. We advise clients on how to identify business designs and operational capabilities that will maximize overall returns on investments.
Commodities Subject Matter Expert
  • Enite has over 50 years of combined experience as subject matter experts in a variety of energy commodities. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide specialized skills, guidance and experiences to client engagements.
Organizational Design & Optimization
  • Enite’s Organizational Design & Optimization capability utilizes industry benchmarks across 17 industries to establish a rigorous and systematic plan for clients looking to effectively adapt to future market changes.


People, Process & Technology

Operational Capability Assessment
  • Operational Capability Assessment (OCA) constructs an executive-level view across your organization’s ecosystem of people, processes and technology architecture, identifying key functional gaps and opportunities. This provides both a measure of organizational health and an executive summary of the process and technology gaps which are impacting operational performance.
Interactive Process Mapping
  • Enite’s process experts improve process cycle time by utilizing dynamic technology to optimize and map processes. Organizations using IPM can cut down project time, increase workflow efficiency, train new resources faster, and mitigate risk of slower cycle-time due to resource turnover and attrition.
Centralized Collaboration Portal
  • The centralized collaboration Portal improves your organization’s collaboration and cooperation with minimal investment, through the implementation of a sustainable, scalable platform. The deployment of CCP solutions facilitates comprehensive document and artifact management, more effective training and knowledge management capabilities, and methodical alignment and integration of business process, organization and strategy.
Enite Levels of Excellence
  • The Enite Levels of Excellence (ELE) framework contains operational best-practices quantified into four levels of performance from Level I – Basic Execution to Level IV – Best-in-Class. The framework captures qualitative performance descriptions at a detailed process-by-process level. Combining our in-depth understanding of industry requirements and trends, we leverage the ELE framework to help clients determine which ‘Best-in-Class’ operational capabilities are needed to drive value and what investments are required to get to the next level of performance.
Output Monitoring and Tracking
  • Outcome Monitoring & Tracking (OMT), promotes a more proactive, responsible and accountable workforce by measuring performance and results after implementing appropriate quantitative metrics and goals. Actionable metrics that are well understood throughout the organization inherently creates accountability, aligns and improves standards, and reduces financial exposure by proactively highlighting outliers and performance gaps.


People, Process & Technology

Skills and Capabilities Assessment
  • Assessing an IT organization across people, process, and technology and developing a performance scorecard against strategic business imperatives helps our clients successfully redefine the IT organizational structure, governance and IT management processes.
Custom Application Requirements
Gathering and Design
  • Enite supports an organizations’ custom application development needs by combining technical expertise with business knowledge to fast track the process of deploying a solution for your specific needs.
Data Management
  • Defining, designing, and implementing a scalable data management strategy is becoming increasingly important in many markets. Enite’s proven methodology guides our clients from technical strategy, defining business priorities and goals, through the execution of a data management program and establishing metrics and improved analytic capabilities.
Software Selection
  • A thorough software selection process will deliver more than simply choosing a system—it will identify and document the requirements of the effort, identify the requirements the candidate system will be evaluated against, provide quantitative and qualitative rationale for any chosen system, identify the major gaps to be addressed during contract negotiation, and facilitate the development a solid project plan for implementation.
IT Roadmap
  • Developing an IT roadmap help both the business and IT management agree on the long-term plan for future IT services and capabilities. Enite evaluates and documents the current technology blueprint and recommends improvements and governance mechanisms that will support a client’s evolving business.


People, Process & Technology

Transaction Cost Management
  • Enite’s Transaction Cost Management program enables organizations to minimize costs through the consolidation of brokers, reduced subscription fees and counterparty negotiations for reduced fees based on scale of the transactions.
Asset Optimization
  • Enite helps release cash from the balance sheet, cut costs from operations, and improve asset effectiveness. Our Asset Optimization (AO) approach begins by identifying which assets are key to the firm’s performance and then applying AO methodologies to further enhance productivity of those assets and to also make any new investments in infrastructure more impactful.
Sales & Operations Planning
  • Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a proven and effective tool for integrating information from sales, marketing, R&D, operations, and finance into a robust, consensus-based business plan consistent with overall business objectives. It provides executive management the “control knobs” on the business, and allows management to anticipate the financial and operational results expected from decisions made during the S&OP cycle.
  • Enite’s strategic procurement process utilizes systematic techniques to both derive added value from supplier relationships and to reduce overall spend based on our in-depth knowledge of supply chain operations, materials management, process implementation and procurement activities.
  • Price & margin management programs enable organizations to maximize profits through proactive monitoring, analysis and execution of pricing strategies. The benefits of implementing a pricing management program are significant, but often require careful enhancements to organizational and data capabilities.


People, Process & Technology

Board of Directors’ – Best Practices
  • An effective Board of Directors can ensure you have the right processes in place to manage growth, focus strategy, and raise capital for the business at large. Enite provides recruiting, compensation, and regulatory consideration strategies for our clients.
Levels of Excellence – Commercial
  • Enite’s Levels of Excellence (ELE) assessment provides firms with insights into how a portfolio company’s operations perform against a spectrum of leading best-practices. An ELE assessment helps your firm understand the current state of operations and identify improvement opportunities.
R&D – New Product Development Productivity
  • Enite’s New Product Development advisory service improves R&D’s time to market, productivity, and revenue generation by using an integrated methodology to increase new product development productivity.
Market Entry
  • From market entry planning to establishing a new organization, Enite provides clients with a systemic approach to market entry. We couple the strategic outlook with a pragmatic approach and highlight key considerations as you consider entering a new market through either acquisition or new business development.
Capital Allocation Best Practices
  • Enite has identified they key components necessary to achieve higher shareholder value through effective capital allocation. Following best practices in six key areas helps our clients achieve and sustain excellence in capital planning and deployment.


People, Process & Technology

Change Management
  • In today’s business environment, change is the only constant. Whatever the source of change may be, an impacted organization must react quickly and effectively in order to mitigate damages and optimize opportunities. Enite offers a readiness plan and a structured approach to implementing change and helping our clients adapt for the future.
Commerical Alignment
  • Enite has developed a structured approach to successfully guide an organization through the process of establishing a globally aligned, sustainable commercial operation.


People, Process & Technology

Compliance Program Development
  • Anticipating and responding to regulatory compliance requirements can be challenging in any organization, whether compliance is managed regionally or globally. Enite finds that the most effective preparation and defense is to evaluate your current capabilities, consider your business strategy and develop a roadmap for establishing a centralized compliance program across your business units, commodities and business functions.
Regulatory Readiness
  • Enite provide consulting and communication between your compliance, legal, risk and operations groups in order to effectively and efficiently interpret, frame and implement regulatory change across an organization.
Regulatory Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting Program Management is the process by which an organization manages all regulatory reporting requirements (federal, state, international across multiple agencies) and encompasses people, process and technology to develop a sustainable model with clear accountability. It assists operations management by defining the strategy and objectives of the “to-be” operations model to support the growth, while weighing potential design options and planning for phased sustainable change.


People, Process & Technology

Operational Risk Assessment
  • Proactive management of operational risk is critical to ensuring your organization is equipped to respond to current and future market conditions. Enite finds that the most effective preparation for and defense against operational risk loss is to evaluate your organization’s processes and controls through an executive-level process review and risk assessment.
Risk Management Policy Development
  • An effective Risk Management Program is critical to address’ the market, credit and operational risks inherent to a commercial trading organization. A comprehensive policy allows management to articulate the purpose of their business activities and identify the resulting risks, then detail how the leadership addresses them.
Integrated Risk Management
  • Integrated risk management promotes a continuous, proactive and systematic process to understanding, managing and communicating risk. Instead of being managed in isolation across different divisions of an organization, risks are analyzed from an organizational-wide perspective and in a cohesive and consistent manner. IRM includes conducting an ongoing assessment of risks at every level and group of the organization, aggregating these results at the corporate level, communicating them to senior management and overseeing subsequent monitoring and review.


let enite help quantify your business issues, develop solutions and execute those solutions for your immediate and long term needs.