Regulatory Systems and Business Process Implementations By Enite Team


Enite was approached by an integrated oil and gas company to provide program management of their response to regulatory market changes.  Enite managed the cross-functional system and process implementation team of 76 resources across four global locations.

The objectives were to:

  • Centralize a single program plan, with 10 sub-project plans
  • Institute Program Management Office to assist in managing scope change, software vendors, service providers and regulatory requirements
  • Create clear lines of accountability and expectations throughout the organization for timely and accurate program and project status
  • Facilitate cross-functional business change to support new groups being created
  • Transition management of program to internal staff


Enite completed the establishment of a program through a four-phased approach over a 9-month timeframe:



  • Enite evaluated all sub-project plans, identified critical milestones and interdependencies with regulatory key dates for compliance
  • Identified new functional group requirements and managed coordination of process integration with existing functional teams
  • Analyzed IT infrastructure in-flight programs and key dates to ensure no resource and infrastructure constraints existed


At the project’s completion , Enite provided the client with:

  • A detailed program plan
  • Established a PMO to support
  • Creation of internal review and sign-off for all reporting needs
  • Clear timeline of internal reviews and external deadlines
  • Monthly and Weekly completion, risk and budget status review
  • Integration of IT and Business Change in centralized working groups

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