Operations Risk Assessment By Enite Team


Enite was approached by the power merchant group within a global energy company to review their operations, across markets and business functions, and provide an executive-level view of those processes with a focus on highlighting risks in key nodes of communication.

The objectives were to:

  • Interview process owners across all operations areas and markets
  • Create and validate process maps across all processes evaluated.
  • Evaluate all process steps on risk of communication outage
  • Evaluate all communication nodes across processes based on redundancy, fail over, and process risk


Enite completed the assessment through a three-phased approach over a 4-week timeline:



Enite reviewed, analyzed, quantified and documented all processes across operations areas


  • Process maps highlighting communication nodes across operations
  • Outage risk assessment by process and process step
  • Technology risk assessment by communication node
  • Risk heat map across processes and communication nodes


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