Global Commercial Reorganization By Enite Team


A  client engaged Enite to assist in the  global reorganization of  its commercial trading business for both gas & power, and crude & products.  Enite’s scope of work included:

  • Creating a near-term approach to regroup current books and bridge existing supply and trading reporting with a new global organization
  • Aligning performance measurement with the global commodity lead structure
  • Identifying opportunities for long-term optimization of systems and processes


Enite completed a comprehensive 12-week effort to achieve the stated objectives:

  • Complete formal documentation on scope, assumptions, approach, and near-term and long-  term objectives and recommendations
  • Collect, comprehend, and document existing reports and processes
  • Provide IT with a detailed design for daily adjustment tools and reports
  • Develop recommendations for reporting structures and heirarchy
  • Develop validation scenarios for business testing
  • Identify and resolve issues with IT team
  • Document final decisions and deliverables
  • Recommend a path forward


After reviewing numerous case studies and conducting personal interviews, Enite identified several issues and provided observations to the client:



At the project’s completion , Enite provided the client with:

  • An interim reporting process to bridge the current structure with a desired future reporting view
  • A bucket list of issues for potential future project team consideration to fully develop and integrate with a long-term IT road map
  • A database of issues, alternatives and analyses
  • Recommendations for long-term approach that were developed from the team’s work

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